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This is the story of a wonderful material, marble, our passion.




We hereby tell you about our passion for marble


Michelangelo srl was founded in 2013 from a business partnership between Gianni, an expert craftsman born and raised in Carrara, who at the age of fourteen began working with marble at the old shops in the city center, and Stefano, an engineer specialized in quality control of cut to size marble projects. After years of successful collaborations in numerous projects of which they each took a part in personally, including abroad (Europe, North America, Middle East), sharing a concept “from theory to practice” and the pleasure of working with natural products, they joined together with the common goal and desire to create something unique with an authentic material such as natural stone.

Just as Michelangelo Buonarrotti declared that marble sculpture was already inside the block, the difficulty lays in freeing it. Michelangelo srl is always looking for new challenges to meet the needs of modern design by connecting tradition and innovation. Thanks to the knowledge of their artisans who combine hand craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies in the industry, Michelangelo translates the ideas of architects and designers into a reality. We make all products at our shop in Carrara, but we like to discover different territories and traditions of Made in Italy materials. The spirit of sharing has pushed us to collaborate with other artisans, which has contributed to embellishing our collections of various materials. Mutual knowledge and the exchange of knowledge has resulted in solutions that, by combining different materials, create compositions that are the result of a shared experience.

Through this e-commerce site, we would like to broaden our reach internationally, bringing our artisan culture beyond national borders. Our products are all expertly finished by hand, whether it is marble, wood or other material. This does not exclude the use of the most advanced technologies in the sector, but rather the development of a perfect mix of modern technologies and artisan “know-how”. Product quality, for us, means giving time a dimension and a rhythm that puts at the center what really has value. The quality we want to offer is represented in our careful choice of materials, workmanship and finishes, as well as in the appropriate packaging that is necessary to protect the object during its transport. All operations that require care, attention and… time.

We often refer to time because we want to emphasize that the slowness of the artisan processes together with imperfection and diversity, are values that we intend to enhance by contrasting them to the homogeneity, seriality and speed that the mere industrial production process entails.

The imperfection of the material “marks” the uniqueness of the objects, evokes a “lived in experience”, creates a link between us and the things that surround us and accompany our time. We like the idea of being able to create something in which there is a bit of all of us, our time, our imperfection and our passion, to be shared through these objects that we would like to be part of your lives too. Objects change over time, as do people and to everything that is alive, it evolves, changes its shape to preserve its authenticity. A shape that changes with a content that remains. Marble is not “ruined” by time, but marked / sculpted by time. Thus, imperfection becomes a symbol of authenticity, where matter is memory and objects express identity.

This is the story of a wonderful material, marble, our passion.

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Michelangelo Srl has been operating in the marble sector since 2013.
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