10/11/2021 Rita Anna Venuta
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The decor of the plate Milano is inspired by the Memphis group that was born exactly 40 years ago in Milan from the brilliant intuition of Ettore Sottsass and other designers. A movement aimed to revolutionise the way that design was conceived until then by imposing new shapes, patterns, materials and colours to create objects and furniture accessories intentionally “not intellectuals”but they had to represent normality or even banality of the society of the 80s. Aggressive colours and inventive shapes were used to break the schemes of the past held back by a minimalism a bit boring; therefore an bizarre and intentionally kitch style is presented that project its creations in a purely visual dimension full of colours such as the one of cinema, comics and pop art from which draws inspiration. In short: the sensationalism of design. The Memphis movement was born to have a begging and an end, it is still celebrated today for leading the design in the modern era.
Exactly this year, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Memphis group foundation; various museums, galleries and companies wanted to celebrate it by setting up exhibitions and offering exhibition spaces that recalled its revolutionary aspect.

Therefore I decided, for the plate “Milano”, to take inspiration from Memphis’ patterns, a simple tribute to a movement that represented an important transition of my education because exactly in 1981, when the group Memphis was born in Milan I experienced its explosive strength as a student of the faculty of architecture.

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