“Q” PLATES – A tribute to Italian cities

“Q” PLATES – A tribute to Italian cities
15/12/2020 Rita Anna Venuta
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What a great country Italy is! Cities and places that offer endless creative starting points to be converted into ideas and projects for the most different sectors. It is not just the beauty of the landscapes, as the world is full of wonderful places, there is something more stimulating fantasy and creativity. Perhaps it is because of its art, environment, culture, history, cuisine or perhaps all this combined. That is also demonstrated by the countless foreign artists who found inspiration to create as many masterpieces, while staying in Italy. Among them Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Oscar Wilde, Pieter Paul Rubens, Salvador Dalì, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Lord Byron, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pablo Neruda…or more recently Marc Knopfler, James Ivory, William Wyler, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. All of them found in our country a detail that fascinated and inspired in their different arts.
The “Q” plates are dedicated to various Italian cities which are very dear to me, for all sort of reasons, and with which I have a special bond: Carrara, Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan and Palermo. I chose them because, in some cases, they are precisely where I have my roots; some others because I have spent there many years of my life or because they represent key points in my development and professional journey; some others just because they bring back fond memories and affections never forgotten. For the cities of my heart I have chosen a plate: a plain object which naturally possesses the quality of “giving”. A plate serves the purpose of containing and, at the same time, “offering”. Generosity is part of its nature.
While the choice of the cities springs from a personal and emotional bond which I have with each one of them, the choice of the graphic decoration intends to represent one of their many distinctive excellences.

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